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84 Derech Ben Zvi, Tel Aviv
Floor 6, Loft 618


About us

Hederprati’ (private room) is a special urban space in south Tel Aviv that offers a prestigious hospitality experience for boutique private or business events of up to 150 people.
Behind ‘Hederprati’ is Eyal Naor, an events producer, with twenty years’ experience in private and business events.
His great love of hospitality led him to open the place.


Hederprati’ draws its inspiration from the most modern and up-to-date places in the world. The place’s special design gives it a warm homelike feeling and an intimate atmosphere.
Already when entering, something in the pleasant aroma and the warm, eclectic design invites you to become addicted to the authentic, indulgent hospitality in which careful thought and attention to detail are evident.
The open kitchen, the stylish seating areas, the art objects and the large wooden tables create a feeling of home hospitality.


In ‘Hederprati’ everything is done to create an atmosphere of indulgent hospitality...